Promising Young Rapper Chinx Shot To Death In A Drive By

He could have been something special.

A tragedy took place on Queens Boulevard at 4am Saturday night/Sunday morning. Coke Boys up-and-comer Chinx (formerly known as Chinx Drugz) was reportedly shot in his car when another car droving ride alongside them fired into his vehicle. Chinx and and another passenger who has not yet been named were both shot. The rapper Chinx was killed insantly and the second passenger was left in critical condition at Jamaica Hospital. Chinx, born Lionel Pickens, had just begun his career under his Coke Boys management.  

On The Come-Up

Chinx began his come up under French Montana’s wing with the whole Coke Boys movement. Coming out of Queens, New York alongside French, he offered a distinctive sound that you could immediately recognize and point out on a track. Chinx has made a name for himself these past few years, most notably on the series of 4 Coke Boy mixtapes that were distributed. Also, he began making a name for himself as a solo artist on his “Cocaine Riot” mixtapes that featured some bangers such as “I’m A Coke Boy” featuring none other than French Montana. Speaking of French, not much has been released by him since the death other then an Instagram post Sunday night stating, “Who would have thought!! I’ll ever get that call!!” Many artists including Meek Mill, Migos, Talib Kweli, and even non-artist Rob Kardashian took to Twitter to send their condolences for the NY rapper.

Who Knows What He Could Have Been?

Chinx came up on the scene early as a protege to Max B and the late Stack Bundles, and then later teamed up with French Montana in the Queens hip hop scene. He had extreme flow capabilities that were quite impressive, and he produced a sound that was different than anything we’ve heard before. Lionel “Chinx” Pickens was only 31 years of age.