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independent palestine

Independent Palestine: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Part Twenty Eight

Independent Palestine The Intifada caught the PLO by surprise and the leadership abroad could only indirectly influence the events. A new local leadership emerged, the Unified National Leadership of the Uprising (UNLU), comprising many leading Palestinian factions. After King Hussein of Jordan proclaimed the administrative and legal separation of the...

venice declaration

Venice Declaration: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Part Twenty Four

Venice Declaration Palestinians saw the Camp David Accords as a blow to their aspirations to self-determination. The Venice Declaration (also known as the Declaration of the Venice Summit) was an agreement issued by the nine-member economic committee of the European Economic Committee (Belgium, Italy, France, West Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Denmark,...

lebanese civil war

Lebanese Civil War: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Part Nineteen

During the 1970’s, after Palestinian groups were expelled from Jordan, the PLO was effectively an umbrella group of eight organizations headquartered in Damascus and Beirut. All were devoted to armed resistance to either Zionism or Israeli occupation, using methods which included direct clashing and guerrilla warfare against Israel. After Black...