You Need To Balance Service With Security

Don’t lose yourself in the balancing act

We’re young and idealistic. We’ve worked assiduously to get here, and we want to balance our ambition with our compassion. As millennials, we’re fresh out of college and on the cusp of beginning the rest of the our lives. What is the future made of? It’s unclear — one day we know what we want, where we want to be, and the next, we’re considering a whole set of different options. We’ve wanted to change the world since we were kids, and have held onto the hope that this universe isn’t as harsh as it sometimes may seem — and if it is, we’re the ones who will change it. 

Balancing The Future of Others…

Many millennials have clung fiercely to this hope, and there are many who have already taken action to ensure the world is left a better place as a result of having been a part of this cosmic dance we call life on Earth. We spend our free time volunteering with mission driven organizations, whose objectives are larger than we are, and we care deeply for the disadvantaged and for those who suffer. At our youthful and hopeful age, we believe wildly in our potential impact, but we must balance that with our very own futures. 

…With Security for Ourselves

Security is important and necessary to build a ‘life well-lived.’ Perhaps we can have the greatest impact when our own futures are less cloudy. There must be a balance between being cause-driven and ensuring that our livelihoods can be maintained, and maintained well. When personal stress is reduced, we can more readily devote ourselves to the concerns plaguing our world, and become less inhibited. When we take care of our immediate needs, and make wise decisions involving our time/finance/relationships/etc., we are more apt to live freely and rightly. It’s crucial that we don’t allow the flame to burn out, that we continue to be inspired by change, and the ability to make change, and don’t become jaded by the stressors we can manage by simply paying them mind.