Wellness Month

Maria Chimes In: Episode 9 – Wellness Month

Wellness Month
Spring is here

This week on Maria Chimes In, we discuss Wellness Month — an opportunity to become rejuvenated and feel your absolute best. Spring is in the air, and it’s not only the 10 degree temperature increase that reminds us; every inhale is a refreshing decongestant.
Last week, we mused about how draining this winter has been for New Yorkers. For too long now we’ve been cooped up, unmotivated to ‘be one’ with nature (greenery is limited as it is), and have felt the toll of the cold. From head to toe, we are ready for the remarkable beauty that is seasonal change. LA, you are an oddity of perfection, but we New Yorkers prefer our seasons… the warmer seasons, that is.


Wellness Month

Wellness Month and Spring Fever have collided, we are adjusting to Daylight Savings, and we are so ready for longer days and brighter skies. Beginnings enable us the opportunity to make positive change, so don’t feel bad if you were a little sluggish these past few months. Now is the time to get motivated and energized. We discussed the need for establishing realistic goals — starting off with a sprint won’t get you very far, but will instead be a deterrent, an obstacle in the way of achieving success. It’s OK to start off slow. We suggested taking a beginner yoga class — Groupon can be a great asset. Co-host Kathryn Tam has been using yoga as a means of remaining active, centered, and refreshed. Yoga has encouraged her to seek other forms of exercise, like jogging outdoors.

Many people fall into the trap of committing to an expensive gym membership, only to fall short of goals and hardly ever make it inside. Boutique classes are the perfect alternative to a gym filled with awkward mirrors and too many distractions. Taking the first plunge in the right direction is oft the most difficult part of establishing a regime, but it is worthwhile. There is nothing more important than feeling your absolute best, both mentally and physically.