Looks Like A Race For POTUS: Hillary Is In

Hillary Clinton announces her run for POTUS.

Hillary Clinton jumped into the presidential race with both feet today. She is arguably leaps and bounds ahead of her competition. The electorate leans left, young voters are still mainly Democratic, her favorables are much better than leading Republican candidate Jeb Bush, and Obama is trending up.
Hillary For President
The electorate leans Democratic

Millenial voters lean Democratic more than most

Hillary Clinton’s favorability (black is favorable, red is unfavorable)

Jeb Bush’s favorability (black is favorable, red is unfavorable)

Barack Obama’s favorability (black is favorable, red is unfavorable)

Hillary Clinton had 18 million votes in 2008, and more if the Florida votes had been fully counted by the Democratic Party. She is arguably an even better candidate now after her service as Secretary of State. I believe this intelligent and strong woman will break the glass ceiling in the White House in 2016.

Corporate Candidate

US companies have legal statuses of people and as such can contribute ‘donations’ to parties or candidates (some would call those investments). All candidates are well aware of the importance of these funds and have to consider potential reelection. None can readily renege on these often secretive deals for cash. As always the scales will be tipped regardless of who wins to favor corporations as opposed to the electorate.

Listen To The People

If Hillary (or any candidate) shows a willingness to listen to “Main Street,” and seek input from labor, students, children, the disabled, the elderly, single parents (men and women), the poor (regardless of education level), veterans (regardless of type of service), teachers, and social services workers, she will win The White House. Ignoring the suffering of many will only hurt her while she is campaigning.

Look At Ireland

While Ireland is a parliamentary republic in which daily government is run by a prime minister, the Republic has had two consecutive female Presidents which saw some of the greatest social changes in the country’s history. I am on record as stating a female President is probably what the nation needs. It’s been 239 years. It’s time.