LeBron’s Responsibility To Tamir Rice Is No Greater Than Our Own

LeBron’s Responsibility To Tamir Rice Is No Greater Than Our Own

tamir rice
Justice for Tamir Rice requires all of us.

If LeBron James stops playing basketball to get justice for Tamir Rice, we all should quit our jobs for the very same reason. If you think that sounds ridiculous, then we are aligned and this may not be for you.
If you want LeBron to strike a blow for Tamir, this one’s for you! First, Tamir.
We have talked about grand juries and how they can do nothing against an underzealous prosecutor who does not want to convict, try, or indict the police that they work so closely with. We know this was injustice. One of many injustices that happens on a daily basis to people of color. Some end up in death. Some don’t. This was tragic, but it’s also fairly common as we’ve previously discussed.

Tamir Rice

After receiving a report that someone was taking a gun out and aiming it at people, officers barreled towards 12 year old Tamir Rice in their cruiser, pulled up a feet away from him, and shot him within 2 seconds of their arrival. Essentially, a drive-by. Would a white child in the same situation have been gunned down within seconds? Again, questionable police tactics escalated a situation drastically resulting in the death of another black man.
American history and resulting socio-economic issues for black people in America are the root causes of much conflict that we see with the police, the last bastion for white supremacy. It’s only the tip of the iceberg of a much deeper rooted problem of inequality in our union.
While the black family is much stronger than is widely believed and reported, many black fathers are in jail for minor drug offenses leaving many single moms having to work multiple jobs to support a family on minimum wage. It’s important to see the bigger picture and LeBron James has a role to play in it as do we all. Or not

LeBron James

Pushing Lebron into boycotting NBA games because of Tamir Rice does nothing other than soothe the pain we are feeling by having a celebrity behind you. Focus is what’s missing with the suggestion. First, a greater impact is made if instead of asking players to do something, we as fans boycott watching, but now you’ve gotten me off topic. How? Because what the hell does the NBA have to do with police?
Simply, it’s not his responsibility. Parents, politicians, lawyers and voters should be vying for justice every time this happens, but they don’t because that would be unreasonable. No more or less unreasonable than asking LeBron to quit his job “until there’s justice”. If you want to beat an unjust system, history says use the courts and the vote as opposed to an athlete.