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KTB TV is a collection of individual videos and video series from our contributors. KTB TV is also our stage and screen coverage which will include articles, podcasts, and videos.

KTB Media LLC owner of, The Killing The Breeze Podcast on ITunes, and KTB TV provides author affiliated news, information, media, opinion and commentary to men and women aged 25-54 whom are looking for a progressive, liberal, conservative and libertarian perspective on issues that affect all of us from those intimately involved in those issues academically, professionally or socially.

We live in a climate of reliance on the web for news, information and media especially from millenials whom are younger and more technologically savvy, and are rejecting both traditional outlets operations of “learn about it and then report on it” and those deemed “experts” by those same outlets.

As of 2012, there are 2.4 billion internet users around the world up 566% since the year 2000. 70% of internet users use it daily. 78% of North America uses the internet and 37% of the world uses the internet.

30% of Americans listen to podcasts. 17% listened to a podcast within the last month with slightly more than half of those listened to a podcast as opposed to watched a podcast, but they are more prone to watching both audio and video podcasts. 20% of smartphone users consume podcasts monthly, and half of monthly podcast consumers consume them weekly.

playing the right way

KTB TV: Playing The Right Way

What sticks out from the tape are three things: the corner three, the three at the top of the key, and the hand check. What does it mean to play the right way? Playing The Right Way I played for a great high school coach — never allowed us to...

KTB TV: St. Petersburg Pride 2015

  America has collectively rejoiced in the ruling of gay marriage legalization across all 50 states. The timing was impeccable, as cities all over the world celebrated Pride that same weekend, including both New York City and Tampa, Florida. St. Pete Pride took over the Bay Area starting as early...


KTB TV: CultureBroker – Ballers Review

It’s a legacy at this point. HBO produces some of the strongest, densest, and most thought provoking programming in the history of television. HBO has also created some of the silliest, indulgent, and flat out ridiculous programming as well. This contrast is the secret of their success. If HBO was...

terminator genisys

Why Terminator Genisys Can’t Have My Money

  This week’s CultureBroker on Teminator Genisys. As always, check him out on KTB TV.     Terminator Genisys Hollywood’s current formula for success is taking an older property that exists in some previous iteration, snatching it from the time stream like some sort of capitalist Doc Brown, dusting off...


2Geeky w/ Bunny: Weird Coffee

  KTB TV presents Bunny Themelis’”2Geeky (for the streets)”   I am a standup comedian and trivia champion who often creates material that is just too geeky for the streets. Or the comedy club.   I like to tackle history, mythology (it was my minor in college because I’m all...