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Only so many words can truly describe what it’s like to participate in a mud run. There are only so many ways to say how muddy you get, how much energy you need to survive, and how much the event will challenge every aspect of your being. You can never really appreciate the experience or feel the sense of excitement until you actually see it.
In this video, I compiled three of the runs I participated in this year, two of which were captured on my friend, Michael Dumala’s GoPro. All of these ranged in different lengths, levels, and obstacles, but the one thing they all had in common was their test of bravery and mental strength.
These runs, Tough Mudder, Savage, and Rugged Maniac included, challenge you to overcome fears that you never knew you had. Yeah, you may have superior upper body strength, running ability, and a high squat PR, but that all means nothing if you can’t manage jumping off a high dive, diving into ice water, getting covered in mud, or jumping up a half pipe. Fear is what limits us from conquering so much that we have the potential to endure, and that drive to push through our fears is what truly makes us stronger. Having the ability to climb will not matter if you’re too scared to climb up a giant wall.
The goal of this video is to show you exactly what goes on in a run from a first hand perspective. Rather than watching a promo video, you can see what the exact reactions are after completing a terrifying obstacle, and you’ll get to appreciate how much of a support system surrounds each runner or “mudder.” One thing I’ve learned in these experiences is that I am both much stronger and weaker than I realized, and with each experience from now on, I’ll gain confidence and knowledge of my next improvement.

Rachel Jimenez

An Exercise Science major at USF with a love for dance, food, and sarcastic banter. Oh, and she was gluten free before it was cool. instagram: @sassycalves twitter: @itsraayy

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