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Dushi's Chicken

Dushi’s Chicken recipe.


KTB TV presents Dushi’s Chicken. Dushi decided to take a route on KTB TV that nobody thats known him for more than a year would ever expect: the cooking route.
Now I am not and never have been known for my work in the kitchen, but if there is one thing I can do is bake the heck out of a chicken. Live from the kitchen in my Philadelphia apartment, here you can catch me conjuring up a nice meal for my girlfriend Maria and goody buddy, Phil. Maria was kind enough to assist me in some of the cooking. See how I bake the chicken, and prepare some rice, peas, and carrots along with it.

How It’s Made

The way I make my chicken is quite simple. Once I get it out of the bag, I immediately rinse it off in the sink (given that it is already defrosted of course) till it feels nice and ready. Then I put the pieces in the pan, and marinate them in olive oil. While the chicken is soaking up the olive oil, I begin my seasoning concoction. I get a bowl and fill it up with a bunch of bread crumbs. Then I grab some paprika, parmesan cheese, garlic salt and toss a bit of each in there as well. Then I grab the chicken, and dunk it in the bowl so now it can soak up all the seasonings before I stick it in the oven. I then make sure the oven is on at 365 degrees fahrenheit, and throw the pan in there for roughly 30 mins. Take a look at it once or twice before the 30 mins is up and enjoy. Watch the video to understand exactly how we get the whole meal ready, and please enjoy/ignore the silly kitchen antics by Maria and I as well.

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