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The Breeze

Two Years of The Breeze

Two Years of Killing The Breeze We’re celebrating two tall boys at a time.<br>  Social Media Podcasts Here are podcasts by Rachel Jimenez and Maria M on the social media phenomenon.  Thug We have alluded before to what the term currently means when we use it, but here is the...

post-grad life

Maria Chimes In: Episode 5 – Kathy Chun

Killing The Breeze presents Maria Chimes In. This week, co-host Kathryn Tam and I sat down with fellow NYU student and roommate Kathy Chun. Our discussion topic focused on the ‘post grad-life’ — its trials and tribulations, and opportunity for reflection.     Post-Grad Life Kathy, a Hawaii native, is...

Sotirios Papazaharias

Choppin’ It Up: Episode 3 – Sotirios Papazaharias

  KTB presents Episode 3 of “Choppin’ It Up” with Adrian Prelvukaj, This week, Adrian sits with Sotirios Papazaharias (is that a mouthful or what?), the self-proclaimed Greek legend, who majored in Nutrition Science (pre-med) at Syracuse University. Last week, Adrian went in depth with NBA contenders and hip-hop albums...

choppin' it up

Choppin’ It Up: Episode 1 – Philip Schultze

  The first episode of Killing The Breeze presents Choppin’ It Up with Adrian Prelvukaj. This week, Adrian sits with friend, law school student, and fellow NBA fan Philip Schultze.     Choppin’ It Up For the first segment of “Choppin’ It Up” I chose to sit down with good...