Category: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is rooted in a century-long territorial dispute over the Holy Land, a Middle Eastern region with great religious and historical significance to Christians, Jews, and Muslims.Today, the region is home to some two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and three million in the West Bank. Although most of Israel’s 9.1 million residents are Jewish, there are around two million Arab citizens. International diplomatic efforts to broker a political settlement have made limited headway.

The notion of having two separate states, one Israeli and the other Palestinian, commonly referred to as the two-state solution, would establish a Palestinian state that includes most of the West Bank—with land swaps to compensate it for Israel’s absorption of some Jewish settlements there—and Gaza, which Israel unilaterally withdrew from in 2005.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict series of KTB Prep is a modern historical timeline of the fraught relationship between Israelis and Palestinians. Covering 31 topics, events, places and people, it seeks to dispassionately tell the story of both Jews and Palestinians from the Dreyfus Affair in France to the recognition of the State of Palestine by almost 68% of UN member states in 2013. It starts and ends with a recap of what has happened throughout that time, as well as highlights issues that drive at the heart of the matter.