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Rape Culture

Bundy, Sterling, Richardson, and Rape Culture

On this week’s podcast, we go deep into Donald Sterling and Cliven Bundy’s misadventures in racism, plus Terry Richardson, rogue frats, and America’s rape culture. Check out this episode!     Rape Culture Courtesy of the dailyprincetonian.com:   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 19 percent of...

What Are You Wearing?

You’re A Baller?: What Are You Wearing?

Courtesy of Jamaal Bailey:   Facebook Twitter   What Are You Wearing? This pickup PSA is related to on-court attire. On his classic hit “Summertime”, the Fresh Prince hustled to the mall, to get him a short set and a new pair, because basketball courts in the summer got girls...

who are you

You’re A Baller?: Who Are You?

Courtesy of Jamaal Bailey:   Facebook Twitter   Who Are You Ladies and gents, the weather’s getting warm which means it’s time for pickup basketball! It also means it’s time for this week’s Pickup PSA, pre-approved by Kwame and Adilio.   Today’s Pickup PSA is about who we should play...

man talk

Man Talk

Man Talk In The Back of the Cab Our very first video on Killing The Breeze. Special thanks to Asher Conniff and Arian Prelvukaj for the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8xmTdzf-LQ&feature=youtu.be   Happens In Other Places From cbsnews.com:   Two Syrian children may be the youngest couple ever to get engaged.   Khalid,...

Real World Education

Real World Education

  Suey Park and Stephen Colbert, the most thugged out 8th grade quiz you’ll ever see, and how salty is Kwaisi that his namesake is one-upping him. Check out this episode!   The Quiz   Real World Education Kwasi Enin of Long Island was accepted into all 8 Ivy League...


Gemini by Dom O. Briggs

  This poem is courtesy of Dom O. Briggs who is set to appear on our podcast next week. Gemini (poem) When I cry, the first tear always falls from my right eye My emotions are unstable The Gemini in me is selfish I won’t tell you the last time...