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The Breeze: Halloween Can Blow Your Mind

  Halloween is upon us, and Kwaisi, Bunny, Justin, Rich, and Nicole talk Real Housewives’ love tips, Dr. Ben Carson, and Nazis.     Courtesy of EOnline:   Melissa Gorga’s book, Love Italian Style, has caused a fair bit of controversy. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star makes the...

normal dad

The Breeze: Staying At Home Like A Normal Dad

  The Boys & Girls of KTB discuss whether a working woman can stay attracted to a stay-at-home husband and the Jameis Winston rape scandal. Featuring music from upcoming hip hop queen Honey the Hippie.     Courtesy of athomedad.org   A Normal Dad An at-home dad (also called stay-at-home...


Concussions and the NFL

  The NFL paid out $760 million dollars to nearly 4,500 former players for failing to reveal the long-term affects of concussions and pushing injured players back out on the field. Some of these players suffer from Alzheimer’s or depression. Others are dead.    While some questioned the size of...