I Got You: Fantasy Football 2015 – Round 1, Pick 7

pick 7

Our top ranked quarterback was picked in the 2nd round

We use a 12 team snake draft in the Yahoo Fantasy Football format.

Round 1, Pick 7

This is still a prime position to grab Gronk, but the word is getting out. Be sure to have a backup plan. Mine was Dez Bryant as the 5 backs were gone.

Round 2, Pick 18

Was able to grab one of the top 2 first tier quarterbacks on my board in Andrew Luck. Now Aaron Rodgers was available as well, and my rule has been if they are both there, that means there will even greater opportunity deeper in the draft to grab a QB, but Jordy Nelson and Randal Cobb will be the same guy production wise to me, and while I think AJ Green will have a bounce back year, I want the security of having the top quarterback overall in Andrew Luck, and the number one overall player on my board in Gronk.

Round 3, Pick 31

Frank Gore is expected to be the workhorse for he Colts. Remember, they are still technically in the run heavy “Stanford” offense.

Round 4, Pick 42

Jonathan Stewart is the Panthers every down back. There is no DeAngelo Williams. His checkered injury history aside, that’s what it is.

Round 5, Pick 55

It looks like Desean is falling to about the 5th round. Look to target him there or lower for great value.

Round 6, Pick 66

Vincent Jackson is another big target for Jameis Winston to throw to opposite Mike Evans. Tampa has improved

Round 7, Pick 79

Chris Ivory might be the every down back. With Todd Bowles being defensive minded and new starter Ryan Fizpatrick being backed up by two rookies, there won’t be too much passing happening there.

Round 8, Pick 90

Charles Johnson is one of my sleepers. He is clearly Minnesota’s number 1 receiver. Mike Wallace is there to stretch the field.

Round 9, Pick 103

Anquan Boldin is the Niners lead receiver. The offense is supposedly more uptempo this year.

Round 10, Pick 114

Ray Rice thoughts are not good for the talented Isaiah Crowell. He is still listed as the starter nonetheless.

Round 11, Pick 127

Davante Adams is the third receiver in Green Bay. He is also their big receiver. Aaron Rodgers likes him.

Round 12, Pick 138

I still believe Crowell will start and Johnson will be the 3rd down back, but who knows now? Injuries may determine the winner of this job.

Round 13, Pick 151

I like Jameis Winston. I think he will accrue some value. I auto-drafted Matt Prater in the 14th round and the Miami defense in the 15th round.
This was a pretty good draft. I got players I’m happy with, outside of perhaps Boldin, and it’s a team I’m happy with. The final roster:

Pick 7

What Round 1 Pick 7 looked like.

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