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It’s Protest Season: Smith

Students at Smith College, a private women’s school in Northampton, walked out of class en masse Wednesday at noon in support of the injustices students of color face on college campuses nationwide. About 200 people, including students, professors and the dean of the college, gathered in the middle of campus....

ceding the fight

This Is What Happens When You’re Ceding The Fight

Marco Rubio’s feels philosophy is the pre-eminent example of a useless college major. He wants more welders. The anti-intellectualism that runs through the GOP and much of society today is reinforced in the critique of the protests at University of Missouri and Yale. Whether it’s apathy, genuine disinterest, or some...

The Influence Of Teachers Can Last A Lifetime

Teachers matter. They are some of the world’s most important people — teachers instill principles in children who barely know how to tie their shoes and set the tone for their future successes and accomplishments. One year out of college, and I still remember my teachers, all of them, the ‘bad’...