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mental illness

A Real Conversation About Mental Illness

Robin Williams was a great actor and comedian. His death was unfortunate.   This isn’t about Robin Williams though. While a tragedy, we should use this as an opportunity to have a real conversation on mental illness.   At Killing The Breeze, we aim to give you news, information, opinion...

Body Image

Body Image: Confident and Healthy Is Beautiful

Body Image As people grow up, they hear they should take pride in their bodies. Beginning in grade school, bodies change during puberty and can bring about distorted images. Bigger boobs, taller statures, and strange weight fluctuations all draw attention in both negative and positive ways. Media Even into adulthood,...


Now: Why We Should Bask In It

To most people, adulthood is something that is a scary concept, immediately triggering anxiety predicated upon responsibility, the future. In other words success, and unattainable happiness. No one wants to grow up to live this predetermined life that is basically the same as being programmed like a robot. Meanwhile, most...