Doin’ It With Kwaisi France: Alex Walden Pt. 3

alex walden

Alex Walden and I discuss Trump and money in politics in part 3 of our conversation.

Part 3 of my sitdown with artist, activist and Bernie Sanders supporter Alex Walden talking politics and the system within the Democratic Primary. Part 2 is here.

Alex Walden

Part 3 of our conversation delves into the role the media plays in shaping our opinions. We talk about the influence of corporate media and the role citizens themselves play in their own demise. We also envision what things would look like post “revolution”

I feel like people deserve more blame than what they are given because we have the tools to change the system to achieve the desired outcomes we want to see. While Alex believes everyone receives some blame in intersectional systems, he believes the corruption of the system itself is still the biggest issue.

This shows itself in a hypothetical general election where Bernie wins and would need to raise 2-3 billion dollars. How would Bernie’s supporters feel having their candidate rely on banks and Superpacs?

We transition into Trump and the meaning of his candidacy. We both think it’s a good thing because it has exposed bigots within the country. Ultimately, the winner of the presidential election will be the winner of the Democratic primary because of Trump’s bombastic candidacy which makes running and/or pivoting towards the center of the primary a virtual impossibility.

Trump is where we have the most commonality in our discussion. We then polarize again on our positions on money in politics. Admittedly, as a Democrat, my position on money in politics is a minority one. I have no problem with money in politics and feels it does not “Trump” an engaged electorate motivated by knowledge of its civic duty. Alex feels, as most on the left feel, that money in politics are the root of the problem as it is used to exploit by those who have traditionally exploited. Part 4 gets to the heart of Bernie versus Hillary.

Kwaisi France

An 80's baby forged in the 90's and unleashed upon the world in the 21st century, Kwaisi France is a Baltimore raised Brooklyn resident.

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