Doin It With Kwaisi France: Dr. Bamidele Olatunbosun

Doin It With Kwaisi France: Dr. Bamidele Olatunbosun

Dr. Bamidele Olatunbosun
Dr. Bamidele Olatunbosun is at the Family Institute of Health in Harlem.


Kwaisi sits down with Dr. Bamidele Olatunbosun of the Institute for Family Health to talk about whether Obamacare is working, Ferguson, and who is ‘clutch’ in the NBA.
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Dr. Bamidele Olatobosun

Dr. Bamidele Olatunbosun is a second year resident at The Institute for Family Health in Harlem. From Brownsville to Jamaica, Queens; North Carolina to the Bay Area; South America to South Africa, this young physician has a wealth of experience that’s been reinforced by trial and error. “Bami” has decided to practice in East Harlem saying, “It’s an under-served area, like the neighborhoods I grew up in. It reflects a lot of the values and my upbringing as well.”

The Institute for Family Health in Harlem

It’s one of 60 teaching health centers in the United States receiving money through the Affordable Care Act, aimed at getting more primary care doctors trained to practice in community-based settings. The goal is to train doctors who are more likely to stay and practice primary care in the city’s under-served communities. The Harlem center received $4.8 million to do just that.
The Institute has partnered with Mount Sinai Hospital. The Harlem facility has one of only three family medicine residency training programs in all of Manhattan. There are a total of nine throughout the five boroughs. It’s unclear whether dedicated funding for these training programs will continue past 2015.

Chris Bosh, James Harden, Kobe Bryant

Bosh is actually the 6th highest paid player in the NBA behind Kobe Bryant, Amar’e Stoudemire, Joe Johnson, Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard.
The Oklahoma City Thunder hypothesis with Harden was assuming they stayed constructed as they were when they lost the 2012 Finals against the Heat. I know Sefolosha is in Atlanta now.
Many of the Kobe points are addressed here.