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Our judges and courts, each day, strive to ensure the fair, impartial and independent administration of justice so that each citizen is treated with respect, dignity and fairness, and receives a “fair shake” in the application of our laws.

Judges and courts have a significant impact on our daily lives and we entrust them to make some of the more important decisions that affect us. Think about this for a moment. Only a judge can grant a divorce, confirm an adoption, order the termination of parental rights, sentence a person to death, impose a sentence of imprisonment or cause a change in property rights.

Judges and courts exist to protect our liberties and our most fundamental and sacred rights as set forth in the Bill of Rights, as well as to protect us from unlawful and unwarranted intrusion into our lives from the government.

Without our courts, there is no justice, there is no freedom. As John Adams declared over 200 years ago, if we are to have a “government of laws and not men,” we need our courts and judges to forever ensure that our legal rights are protected. And, we know from history, that no person is above the law, not even the president of the United States.

William K Weisenberg, Why Our Judges and Courts are Important

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