Campaign Finance Reform? No, We’re Good Now

Campaign Finance Reform? No, We’re Good Now

campaign finance reform
Bernie was talking campaign finance reform before the money started rolling in.


Let us wage a moral and political war against the billionaires and corporate leaders, on Wall Street and elsewhere, whose policies and greed are destroying the middle class of America.” – Bernie Sanders

Banks, corporations and rich-people-as-bad-guys are the hallmarks of the Bernie Sanders campaign; however, no candidate technically has direct corporate donors to their campaigns sinceĀ it’s illegal to do so. Every donation is an individual donation listed by employer.

Charitable donation matches from an employer are often confused with political contributions, but they are two wholly different things. This seems to only be cited by supporters of Senator Sanders after it’s pointed out that he too has corporate sources of money.

To Campaign Finance Reform, Or Not To Campaign Finance Reform

Bernie gets the most donations from PACs which are different from Super PACs. Most of Bernie’s PAC donations come from Unions. In fact, Bernie’s top 5 donors are PACs.

Nuance is often lost when it comes to campaign finance. Super PACs are all bad according to some, but the Nurse’s Super PAC supporting Bernie is clearly spending a huge amount of money on the Sanders campaign. They’re dangerously close to coordinating with his campaign, which is illegal.

We ignore or selectively apply where we aim our ire for the sources of money in politics. The fact that Bernie is raising and spending a large amount of money is acceptable because he’s “getting it from the people.” Now, money is seen as acceptable, merely a tool to be used when it comes from places we like. What happened?

Ben and Jerry donating and handing out ice cream for Bernie Sanders isn’t seen as a corporate connection because we like Ben and Jerry and their ice cream, but why are they different from a CEO donating to Hillary? Because we like them more? It seems we might be good on campaign finance reform.