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Brothers and Sisters Podcast: Shauntele France-Young

shauntele france-young
Shauntele France-Young of Mocha Moms with her daughters from l-r Ryleigh, Brooklyn, and Chloe.

Shauntele France-Young is a wife, mother of three adorable daughters, connoisseur of black romance novels, reality TV addict, Sr. Financial examiner by day, and unofficially in pursuit of Chuck Todd’s job as an MSNBC political commentator by night, Shauntele France Young is a woman of many interests. As an advocate and sister to Mocha Moms Inc, Shauntele France-Young lends her voice to the chorus of mothers across the nation, encouraging the spirit of community activism and focusing on health, educational and financial disparities families of color face.

Brothers and Sisters Podcast 1/21/21 featuring Shauntele France-Young of Mocha Moms Part 1: Nicole retells her harrowing phone ordeal.

Brothers and Sisters Podcast 1/21/21 featuring Shauntele France-Young of Mocha Moms Part 2: Shaun Woodland on The Unforgettable Life of Liam White

Brothers and Sisters Podcast 1/21/21 Part 3: Shauntele France-Young of Mocha Moms

Kwaisi France is CEO and co-Founder of KTB Media LLC, an educational media strategy firm. He is a 1999 graduate of the Gilman School, and a 2003 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania earning his B.A in philosophy, politics, and economics with a concentration in political science. Kwaisi obtained his JD/MBA from the University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business concentrating in public sector economics. He has just under a decade of professional experience in asset management and commercial negotiations at firms including T. Rowe Price, Legg Mason, Scottrade and Boatti PLLC. Kwaisi is currently obtaining his Masters in both Emerging Media and Data Science with a concentration in Data Analytics.

Nicole Matthew is a Baltimore-based writer and spiritual healer with a B.A. in Psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill, class of 2005. She also currently works as a General Manager of an optometry office/ retailer and is completing her book, Dissonance, set for release summer of 2021.

Walter Sellers is currently serving as President of SFE Inc. He is the son of military parents and that experience growing up around the world helped shape his world view. He was educated at Elon College obtaining a BS in Mathematics. He is Six Sigma certified and has aided multiple corporations in sales, process, and development.

Lindsay Wilson is a native West Baltimorean who’s breathed fashion, culinary arts, and math from a young age. By the age of 5, she was an avid coffee drinker and balancing her grandmother’s checkbooks. She believes this early start was instrumental in propelling her matriculation at University of Maryland, Baltimore County as a Meyerhof Scholar and subsequent work in real estate accounting. Currently, Lindsay is pursuing her Master’s in Finance at the University of Baltimore, and plans to cross over into portfolio management in the near future.

Autumn Woodland is a graduate of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University earning a B.S. in business administration in 2002; and a graduate of the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University earning a JD in 2005. Autumn is also a voice actress, visual artist and works as a compliance professional in the energy industry.

Shaun Woodland is a Baltimore based actor and writer whose credits include The Wire, Golden Boy (2013), The Meek (2017), The First Purge (2018), Big Time Adolescence (2019), and Unarmed Man (2019). He is currently starring in a film co-starred by Jasmine Guy of a Different World and Harlem Nights along with T.C. Carson of Living Single.

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