Author: Kwaisi France


John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK): 35th Retrospective

“Whatcha got ain’t nothin new. This country’s hard on people, you can’t stop what’s coming, it ain’t all waiting on you. That’s vanity.” – Ellis, No Country for Old Men (2007) John F. Kennedy was the youngest man ever elected president. He said he represented America’s youth. This new generation...

star of david

Star of David Tweet Is Just Scampaign 2016

I think people are starting to realize that Donald Trump’s long string of failed ventures, seedy get-rich-quick schemes and bankruptcies are an indication of his managerial competence. For a supposedly “genius” businessman, his nonstop campaign gaffes and total lack of campaign organization and fundraising infrastructure do not inspire confidence in...


Rigged When It Doesn’t Go The Way We Want

It’s rigged! Popularized by Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump is now running with it. A Republican FBI director conducts an independent investigation completely separate from the White House or the Attorney General and doesn’t bring charges. Rigged! Hillary should be in jail. Let’s start there and work our way backwards. It’s...