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KTB Media LLC owner of, The Killing The Breeze Podcast on ITunes, and KTB TV provides alternative, independent, and author affiliated news, information, media, opinion and commentary to men and women aged 25-54 whom are looking for a progressive, liberal, conservative and libertarian perspective on issues that affect all of us from those intimately involved in those issues academically, professionally or socially. As a socially conscious, multimedia company who firmly believes in “economic and social empowerment through education”, we also offer products and services including college and graduate school counseling and admissions, financial literacy and “programming”, web and social media platform building, and public/private negotiations consulting.

We live in a climate of reliance on the web for news, information and media especially from millenials whom are younger, more technologically savvy, and are rejecting both traditional outlets operations of “learn about it and then report on it” and those deemed “experts” by those same outlets. We aren’t just shooting the breeze, we’re Killing The Breeze.