Why You Need No Cable Box In 2015

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Whether you’re a struggling college student, or still dealing with the after effects of the recession, saving an extra 70 or so bucks a month can’t hurt anybody. On top of forming habits to become more financially stable, saving time by not mindlessly flipping through channels all night gives us more time for activities! Therefore, in 2015, we all must ditch the cable box and turn to TV streaming devices.


Over the past several years now, streaming media online has built a reputation for providing practically the same service at a cheaper rate than cable TV. In today’s day & age, tossing the cable box for a TV streaming device has began to become somewhat of the norm. According to The International Business Times, “The average household now pays about $64.41 per month, nearly triple what they paid in 1995, when the FCC began keeping tabs.” This may not seem like too much at first, but that’s $772.92 annually. With streaming devices like Amazon’s fire TV stick now priced at $39, or the Roku 2 for $65, you tell me what seems most logical.


But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You’ll still have to reach back into your wallet if you don’t have access to certain internet streaming programs. Streaming media providers like Netflix and Hulu Plus will run you $7.99 a month, while Amazon prime asks for a one-time payment of $99 ($8.25 monthly). If you frequent shows on premium cable television networks such as HBO or Showtime, then purchasing a video streaming box is the way to go. With their digital apps like HBO GO and Showtime Anytime, you essentially have every episode of every show that has aired on their network. Missed out on Shameless? Hit up Showtime Anytime, heard they re-mastered The Wire in HD? Throw on HBO GO and you got every season at your finger tips. This is beneficial to the users who already have subscriptions for the programs listed, and for the individual who doesn’t have the luxury of being a subscriber… be “that guy” and scheme off one of your pals info, streaming providers like Netflix allow up to 6 devices to be logged on with the same log in information.


Before dumping your cable provider, there are certain pitfalls I must mention. If you’re trying to catch the 10 o’clock news or even Anderson 360 for that matter (who doesn’t love that guy), then you probably want to stick with cable. Although efforts have been mentioned to better the news viewing process, its incomparable to receiving it the way you do on cable…same with sports, I know.
Despite the progression of apps such as MLB.tv and WatchESPN, video streaming devices don’t provide nearly the same sports-viewing experience as cable would. Granted, if you’re an NBA junkie like myself, then you already have an NBA league pass subscription whose app every streaming device possesses already. But lets be real, if I can’t watch the Superbowl on Superbowl Sunday, then I’ll be extremely salty I didn’t pay Time-Warner that month.
If you’re the avid TV watcher who’s specific about the media they consume and want to save a pretty penny, then the streaming device is your best bet (AppleTV might I add is my personal favorite). But if you’re into the mindless flipping through of the channels, live sports, and news then stick to the bulky cable box.
In conclusion, I believe it’s best to test both and see what works for you. Until you actually try consuming your media differently to understand what fits your lifestyle better, nobody can tell you what’s best for you.



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