Why Are Large Companies Using YouTube?

There is no doubt that YouTube has continued to gain popularity since it first started in February 2005. Since then, there have been YouTubers that have become celebrities and are attracting more viewers to their channel than some television companies. However, it isn’t just those wanting to make entertainment that use it; large companies have also now discovered the huge potential the site has to their marketing campaign. How are big companies using YouTube to boost their brands?

Youtube: A Growing Trend

A study from Pixabilty showed that nearly all of the top 100 companies in the world have a YouTube channel in some way. Most of them have developed a strong following and are using it to great effect for their marketing strategy. With millions of viewers every day, the opportunity for companies to get in front of their target audience is huge. However, it also allows them to directly pitch against their competitors and those who criticize them, which is also good for promotion. For these and many other companies, YouTube has now become more than a place to have to advertise, to a platform for their own product videos.

Linking Up Social Media

Another good thing about using YouTube for your marketing is that has strong links to other social media platforms. For example, you can share YouTube content across Twitter, Facebook, and others just by clicking a button. It means that if their content is good enough, it could be shared across the world in a matter of hours. It is this instant global reach that makes YouTube such a great marketing tool for the large companies.

Creating Content

One of the good things about using a platform such as YouTube is that it is easy to create videos and edit them. There are even companies such as Adobe Spark that provide Youtube intro maker software so you can get your video finished and uploaded in no time. It means that any small company can make their own videos and have them ready to share in a matter of hours. The content that is created is of course, important, and it needs to be something that will hold the viewer’s attention for the whole length of the video. Using a company’s products is usually what many businesses do, although they also incorporate a story to help keep their customers watching.

What Are the Best Marketing Practices?

If your company is to be successful on YouTube, you need to address some of the key elements that make channels a success. One of the main points is maintaining a constant output. The most successful brands have 50 percent more videos on their channel than those who are least successful. On average, the top brands publish 78 videos per month, which might sound like a lot, but it is a key part of their marketing strategy.
Any company, whether big or small, can take advantage of the benefits of having a YouTube channel. You just need to produce regular, good quality content that will attract your customers.



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