White Nonsense Roundup Is One Of The Best Things On Social Media

White Nonsense Roundup
Fighting racism is something that can seem insurmountable as a minority. It seems like some white people have noticed that also. Seeing white nonsense roundup in action for the last year is a sight to behold.

White Nonsense Roundup

In their own words:

White Nonsense Roundup (WNR) was created by white people to address our inherently racist society and stand up against racism in our own families, work spaces, and communities. We believe it is our responsibility to call out white friends, relatives, contacts, speakers, and authors who are contributing to structural racism and harming our friends of color. We are a resource for anti-racist images, links, videos, artwork, essays, and voices. These can be used by anyone for a DIY white nonsense roundup, or by the WNR team to support people of color upon their request.


If you are a Person of Color (POC), you have enough on your plate! It’s not your job to educate white people about privilege, racism, and what’s really going on in the world. If a white person is filling your social media with white nonsense – anything from overt racism to well-intentioned problematic statements – tag us and a white person will come roundup our own. We welcome your involvement, resource suggestions, and will take your feedback seriously. We are also happy to boost the signal of voices of color.

Let’s walk through an example: some dude decides to respond to your posts with #AllLivesMatter for the 900th time. On Facebook, tag the page “White Nonsense Roundup” by using the @ symbol before our name to connect us to the chat where this is happening. If facebook privacy settings allow we will enter the conversation and engage. SEE BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS ON TAGGING. We will share essays, graphics, research, news articles, and personal examples to take apart their arguments. If privacy settings don’t allow one of our volunteers may message you with ways to proceed. If you are unsure of what the settings are or if we will be able to enter the conversation feel free to message the page directly. We are here to do the work and will do everything in our power to get you support and help. If you have concerns about safety or privacy when tagging us, please send a direct message to the page and we will find a way to work with you that is empowering and supportive. We are also happy to give praise for those folks taking action and trying to do the right thing, so you’re not stuck handing out cookies. You can also find us on Twitter @nowhitenonsense, or email us at whitenonsenseroundup@gmail.com. We look forward to supporting you and helping dismantle systemic racism!


1) Use the @ symbol before typing White Nonsense Roundup. As you type our name should appear and become a tag, just like when you tag your friends. Because of privacy settings and protections, this will only show up for us if the post you are tagging us in is public. You can tell if a post is public if the little globe appears next to the date and time of the post.

2) Even if the post is public, the comments might not be – and we understand why you might not want to let just anyone comment on your page. If you have questions or concerns about this and want us to join in a post for yourself or a friend PLEASE send us a message here at the page using the message tab at the top of our page. This will connect you with a volunteer who can navigate different options.

3) If you have tagged us but have not gotten a response check your “message requests” in Facebook messages. A volunteer may have tried to contact you with access issues. If you haven’t received a message or you have questions message the page and we will be there to help!

Like this page and boost the signal on anti-racist issues!

Are you really active on social media? Do you love to use your persuasive writing skills for good, not evil? Are you well-versed in anti-racist advocacy, and able to keep your cool when it comes to difficult online conversations? Are you capable of taking feedback in stride, especially when it comes from our friends of color? Then we may want you on our team! Here’s how it works:

1. Send an email to whitenonsenseroundup@gmail.com with the subject heading “volunteer.” Include links to your social media like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook. We will review your sites, including friending you on Facebook, so that we can ensure our team’s integrity and dedication to anti-racist activism.
2. If you’re the right match, we will email you an application, including sample problematic statements, and ask you to respond in a firm but compassionate fashion.
3. If selected, a WNR admin will contact you with instructions and login information.
4. Let the white nonsense roundup commence!

If you come to this page because discussing race equality upsets you, please take advantage of the repository of information available here. Ask us clarifying questions, politely. If you leave bigoted or hateful comments, you will be reported, deleted, and blocked. The end.

This is exactly the kind of thing we need. After generations of work to dismantle systemic racism in America, violence in Charlottesville, Va. shows us the fight can no longer spare spectators in the white community. Destroying white supremacist movements in America is a daunting, exhausting task which is why black and white communities can’t work in isolation to destroy them.
Attending rallies isn’t enough. White people who want to bring about substantive change must do more in their daily interactions with friends and family members. Casual racism must be addressed, whether displayed at the dinner table or among friends, even when it’s unpopular or uncomfortable to do so. You’re either part of the solution, part of the problem, or just part of the landscape.



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