What This Expert Says About Pete’s Call

Here it is, another article on the game everyone’s talking about, but even more specifically the play call everyone’s talking about. You have the game in your hands, the clock is on your side (and for whatever reason coach Belichick isn’t calling a timeout), and you have a human specimen in the backfield that the whole world refers to as ‘Beast Mode’ … AND YOU DONT HAND HIM THE F’in BALL?! … Is what the average sports fanatic would say… But maybe coach Pete Carroll had a point?…maybe?

One Week Later

It’s been a week since Super Bowl XLIX, and Pete Carroll has been persistent in owning up to the call that he immediately approved from offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. “It’s a play that we really tried to keep him from making. I told those guys, that’s my fault totally. Everybody says, ‘why don’t you just run it?’ That’s a real good thought, but we had plenty of time to win the game. In our mind, we thought we’d have done it on third and fourth down. In our mind, we were playing for third and fourth down. … It didn’t work out that way.”
Really Pete? You wanted to win it on 3rd or 4th down, so opting for a pass play that puts you at risk of an interception which would stop you from achieving back-to-back championships is the call? BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO WIN IT ON 3RD OR 4TH DOWN!? No. Not acceptable.

“The Worst Play Call I’ve Seen in the History of Football”

While tweeted by hall-of-fame running back Emmitt Smith, maybe it wasn’t? On 5 occasions where the Seahawks had the ball on the opponents 1 yard line, ‘Beast Mode’ scored once. In two of those situations, Marshawn actually lost some yards.
Now, the question is that to be considered when you’re 30 seconds away from winning a super bowl? Maybe not, but it can still be a beneficial reference (excuse) for Pete Carroll and company.
It seems as if the guy we’d all assume would get the pigskin on 2nd & goal wasn’t shocked about the play call. when asked by ESPN’s Jim Trotter if he was surprised they didnt opt to run, Lynch stated “No. Because we play football. It’s a team sport.” A real mature and sportsmanlike gesture from the 5x pro bowler that backs up his coach who has constantly supported him throughout all of his media antics.
I guess Pete had his reasons for what lead to arguably the most talked about play call in Super Bowl history. Mentioning ‘they had all their big guys out there’ proves that the box was full and prepared for a Marshawn HB dive. And 1 out of 5 on the one yard line obviously doesn’t sound encouraging. Maybe after all we can forgive coach Pete for not giving the ball to the most feared power back in the game on the one yard line…or not.



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