Loyal Uncle Clarence Still Reliable For “The Man”

uncle clarence

Katherine Don chronicles how three decades after Timothy Tyrone Foster was convicted and sentenced to death in the murder of an elderly white woman, the Supreme Court has thrown out the ruling on the basis that African American jurors were intentionally kept off the jury by the prosecution. At issue isn’t Foster’s innocence, he has previously confessed to the crime, but whether he received a fair trial under the auspices of an all-white jury and a biased prosecution.

According to CBS News, the prosecution had highlighted each potential black juror with green highlighter, marked them with a “B,” and added them to a list labeled “Definite Nos.” With this evidence in hand, Bright argued before the Supreme Court that this was a clear instance of racial discrimination in jury selection, which was effectively banned via the precedent of Batson v. Kentucky, a 1986 Supreme Court decision establishing that striking jurors based on their race is unconstitutional. The court agreed 7-1.

Uncle Clarence

George H.W. Bush knew what he was doing when he picked Uncle Clarence to replace Thurgood Marshall who I’m sure has to be tossing, turning and kicking in his grave over his “replacement”. There’s not much to say about Uncle Clarence anymore. I used to get angry at him, but now I’m just numb.

Honestly, when I saw that the vote was 7 to 1, I immediately thought “there goes Uncle Clarence again.” Who was surprised? This is who he is. He has shown himself to be one who always rules against minorities even when the evidence points otherwise.

Uncle Clarence is like a quieter, self-loathing version of Don Quixote. He always goes against those windmills. Even when it’s blatantly obvious to absolutely everyone that he’s fighting windmills. And no one’s really sure if he’s fighting them knowing full well that they are windmills, or whether he does actually believe they’re giants.

Not strong enough? Uncle Clarence reminds me of the Kapos in Auschwitz beating other prisoners to curry favor with the SS. Not personal enough? Uncle Clarence is the overseer whipping and killing non-obedient blacks. At this point, you can’t really hold it against Uncle Clarence. His heart is always in the white place.



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