The Ultimate Checklist for an Exciting Australian Road Trip

Road trips can be fun, especially with family or friends. However, there are a few things that one must keep in minds before heading to the destination. Whether it’s a short or a long journey, planning a few things in advance can make the entire journey safe, fun, and comfortable.

We planned a leisure trip to Australia recently with family, and a road trip thereafter to our relatives. However, as foreign nationals we needed an Australian Visa to enter the country for tourism. We needed an ETA visa (Electronic Authority) to officially enter Australia without which entry to Australia is restricted. This Visa is only for tourism and business purpose. Thanks to one of our friends who informed us how easy it is to apply for an ETA Visa. All we did was to apply for it online and our permission was electronically linked to our passport without the involvement of any official and no stamp on the passport.  

Once we landed in Australia, our next task was to follow the checklist for a fun yet safe trip.

Vehicle checks before the trip

Your vehicle is going to be the primary bearer for you and your family for the next few hours and so, it’s extremely important to run a quick check of the four-wheeler before you hit the road. Do not overlook even the slightest of concerns and so, get it checked by a mechanic before you leave. Below are a few things that must be checked:

  • Check if there’s enough oil, if the coolant is working fine, and the if the water level is sufficient. Fill it up with water if there isn’t enough.
  • Make sure that the battery is working fine.
  • Run a quick check on the lights and the wiper blades.
  • Check if the tyres are in proper condition and there’s enough pressure.
  • Get a car service done before you begin your journey.
  • Change the air-filters to avoid causing any allergy.
  • Avoid overloading the car or it may be challenging to manage it during any emergency.

Whether you driving in the night-time, or in extreme weather conditions like storms or fog, you must keep a few things in mind.

  • Avoid night-driving if possible as that’s the usual sleep time. In situations where you ned to drive at night, drive slow and make use of the high beams to increase visibility.
  • Check local weather report before you hit the road to avoid storms if possible. During the rains, make sure that the windscreen is all clean, wiper blades are in working condition, and the car lights are all perfect for better visibility on the road.
  • Use fog lights and drive slowly when driving in fog conditions.
  • With an added campervan, you need to check for any blind spots for better visibility.
  • Make sure that your car insurance in place before you start, and you have the roadside assistance contact numbers handy.
  • Keep safety gears and any required equipment like a satellite phone, added food and water for dry areas.

While you keep the above checklist in mind, also make sure that you have games and music packed for kids to keep them entertained. Moreover, make sure that you share the driving part with your partner to get ample rest. So, if you already have your Australian Visa ready, all you need is to follow the checklist and have fun all along.



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