It Is Finally Time for Trump’s Magnificent Collapse


Trump’s collapse came just at the right time.

In a recent Monmouth poll, 68 percent of voters said Trump “does not have the right temperament to be president.” That includes 48 percent of Republicans, 64 percent of independent voters, 64 percent of white voters and an eye-popping 76 percent of women.

Trump’s Magnificent Collapse

This obstacle to a Trump victory in November is pretty much insurmountable all on its own. Trump’s strategy of giving offense and doubling down has helped him win 37 percent of the GOP primary vote so far, but this is a small fraction of the general electorate.

With Trump launching his unprovoked attack on Ted Cruz’s wife (even attacking her looks) this week, it is
also worth noting that the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that 47 percent of Republican women would not vote for Trump, were he their party’s nominee.

Trump’s negative rating, at 57 percent, is the highest on record for any candidate at this point in the election
cycle as measured by CBS/New York Times polls since they started asking the question in 1984. In the latest Quinnipiac poll, his negative rating is 61 percent.

In the latest FOX News poll, his negative rating is 65 percent, a record. In the latest Bloomberg poll, Trump is viewed unfavorably by 68 percent.

This is Trump’s collapse, and if Republicans are trying to find a candidate people will avoid, he’s their radioactive man. He has consistently ranged between unpopularity in the high 50s and the high 60s, which is unheard of for a presidential nominee. What’s more, he has near 100 percent name recognition, meaning there is little chance people will change their minds as they learn more about him. This collapse is permanent.

Electability is certainly not the only consideration in choosing a candidate. But if electability is your concern, the data all point to the conclusion that Trump is not your guy. And if he is your guy, the electability argument is not on your side.



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