Top 10 Steps Social Media Strategy That Can Boost Sales

social media strategy
Social media has quickly become one of the most important marketplaces in the world. It’s essential marketers have a social media strategy as it’s popularity provides a large captive audience. Here are 10 top tips that will help maximize social media usage.

1. Create A Social Media Strategy

A coherent social media strategy is a must. It’s not enough to just simply create a Facebook page as many people do. A full, detailed plan of what platforms you’ll use and how is necessary. Write down how progress will be measured. What does success look like? For example, a certain number of sales through social media by a certain date may be a target.

2. Think About The Platforms Used

“Not all social media platforms will be right for you” says SMM manager Richard Archer from UK Services Reviews. “There may be a big audience on Instagram, but maybe your product isn’t something that can be shown properly in a purely visual format.” Think about what social media platforms are proper. If you’re a clothing retailer; for example, a more visual platform such as Instagram or Pinterest may be more suitable.

3. Put Real Thought Into Posts

When it comes to business, think about what’s being posted. “You need to plan out the posts you make, before they go live” says content writer Janet Yates from Top Canadian Writers. “You can even take advantage of some sites, as they allow you to line up posts to be published in the future.” Think about the timing of posts, and the content they contain.

4. Get Feedback From Followers

Remember, the idea is to post content to followers that they’ll like. Pay attention to what they’re saying. Read the comments, and see if there are any common themes. Polling readers to ask them what they want to see is a good idea. It’s often surprising how many want to have their say.

5. Make Good Use Of Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way of following a certain idea or concept as they gather all of the posts on one topic in one place. They can be put to good use if savvy is employed about the hashtags used. It’s not about being shoehorned into a hashtag that you think your followers are interested in. Instead, use hashtags that will attract followers.

6. Proofread And Edit

Yes, all social media posts. Social media is seen by millions of people, so the last thing you want is for them to see a typo. It can look unprofessional which can detract some readers (potential customers) from buying. Make the time to proofread and edit anything posted online. There are tools that can help such as Grammarix which can spot grammatical errors for you.

7. Get Help With Online Services

While solo social media operations can do an awful lot independently; sometimes, a helping hand is unavoidable. At times, content will need to be written by a third party, or a tool is required to post content on a regular schedule. The Huffington Post has written about the variety of tools and services that are offered, such as UK Top Writers, who can handle content.

8. Test And Evaluate Frequently

It’s not enough to create a strategy and just leave it in place. Like taking care of a plant, frequent maintenance is required to ensure growth. Test to see how posts are reaching audiences, and always look for ways to improve. For example, track how many readers come from search engines such as Google, or how many click throughs are received from a post.

9. Capture Their Attention

Remember, the goal is to stop readers from constantly scrolling through their feeds. The best way to do this is to grab their attention. Use bold color choices, bright pictures, or video to make them focus.

10. Write Content The Reader Can Use

This sounds obvious, but write content that’s relevant to the reader. As a clothing retailer, for example, posts about new looks for the season and how to combine clothing choices together will go down well. Show the reader how the product can be used in their everyday lives. These 10 tips will get the most from social media. Create a social media strategy and bring those followers in!



Rachel Summers

Rachel Summers is an experienced social media manager, having spent seven years working with several different companies. They include Australian Reviewer, a leading custom writing service. When she's not working with them, she's advising start up companies on their social media strategy. See more of her blogs here.

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