Top 10 Android Monitoring Apps For Parents To Watch Their Children

Monitoring apps
With so many social media networking platforms and other online tools around, owning a smartphone has become dangerous especially for children across the globe. Because parental concern for children is heightened due to identity theft, cyber-bullying, and other cyber-crimes, children who are bullied online lose their self-confidence becoming prey for cyber-criminals. Boycotting social media networking platforms or other online applications is not a good nor practical solution; however, parents can take precautions.
In order to make that process easier, here’s a list of Android monitoring apps to keep an eye on kids’ social media and online platform presence.

Cell Tracker

This monitoring app will assist in tracking children’s activities and all the locations they have visited. It provides a dashboard that lets parents view the latest locations of their kids, and the location of their current area.

Children Tracker

This app runs all basic and advanced functions in order to track your kids’ whereabouts. It too allows parents to keep eyes on their children’s movements and the places they visit. It’s Wi-Fi enabled and available on the Play Store.

Key Monitor

Initially, this app was only available to iOS device users but later it was made available to Android users too. It assists in monitoring all online activities of children including text messages and calls log. The iKey Monitor app also tracks all SMS’, call history, Internet history, screenshots, etc. and delivers to their parents via email.


This app allowd parents to perform actions such as checking Internet history, call logs, text messages, and also track the place of the smartphone even when GPS is not working.

Track it – Calls, Texts, and Data

With this app, every time a child receives a phone call or even an SMS, parents will be notified via email. Other than tracking kids’ call log and text messages, other advanced features such as location tracking, Internet history, and app downloading activities can also be viewed.

Children Tracker Beta

This app is helpful in monitoring your kid’s Internet history, text messages, call history, and their current location. In addition, the app lets you monitor your kid’s email ID. Its amazing, advanced features include smart remote tracking, geo-fencing, email monitoring, and settings that control what your kids can view and what not.


Parents can keep tabs on the kid’s smartphone along with their surroundings and also have complete access to their smartphone’s images gallery and phone functioning. The added advantage of this app is that it can be utilized as a bug to learn about the surrounding talks.

Automatic Call Recorder

This assists in recording and listening to kids’ call activities. The app has the capability to silently record calls so that parents can later choose which calls need to be recorded and which aren’t.

Parents can upload the calls to their cloud drive and purchase the premium version of the app for more advanced features. Parents can download the free version to preview the app.

The TruthSpy

The TruthSpy has the fundamental features of a monitoring app to spy on kids’ phones. This app assists and tracks activities via its advanced features.

Monitoring Apps

This list of monitoring apps should make it easier to narrow down your options. All these apps can certainly assist parents in providing safety and protection from cybercrimes. Moreover, all these apps are available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded within minutes. However, it is recommended to thoroughly check the reviews and the ratings before you download any monitoring app.



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