Three Degree Options for People Who Want to Work in Government

Whether you’re dreaming of a job in the White House or you just want a career working in some branch of the government, the right education path can really help. Honorably discharged military members have a great shot at getting good jobs in the government, but even they generally need an education in a related area. Going to Norwich University and choosing a course of study like the online diplomacy degree program will get you ready to work in for the government faster than you think. Here are three different types of degrees you should consider attaining if you want a stable career in the government.

1. Political Management

People have recently seen for themselves that all politicians need competent campaign managers, intelligent aids, and other workers who can advise, guide, and manage higher ranked officials. Getting an education in political management will empower you to apply for jobs in parts of government that are normally out of reach of the average college graduate. You’ll learn how to manage crises in government during natural disasters, help politicians write speeches to be given to the public, and keep everything running well behind the scenes. A job in political management will require you to keep odd hours at times and you’ll also be required to travel a lot, but you will never have a dull moment at work.

2. Foreign Diplomacy

Foreign diplomacy degrees are great for those who have aspirations of working overseas with foreign governments. Complete an online MDY program and you may get to greet foreign diplomats as they fly in from other countries and come to the United States for the first time. Part of learning to master foreign diplomacy is paying attention to what your predecessors have been able to accomplish. If you’re looking to revise an existing peace treaty, see how your countries were able to agree on a set of terms in the first place. Also, learn about being polite and gracious across all cultures as customs and traditions can be different according to what country you are present in.

3. Political Science

From comparing political campaigns to helping politicians prepare for debates, political science degree holders are highly sought after in Washington, D.C. In fact, you can take your political science degree and work in Tampa, Florida, or even San Francisco, California. Politics change all the time and being a political science major will enable you to analyze strategies in an instant. From there, you can aid politicians who need to craft campaign platforms that will strongly urge voters into voting for them.


If you’ve decided that you want to work for the government, you can choose any of the three above-mentioned degrees to have a long and fruitful career. Many government workers get great internships during college so that they can figure out which branch they want to spend their careers. Imagine having an internship that lasts all summer at the Pentagon, or working for a U.S. embassy as you get close to finishing your degree.



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