This Is The Reason The Clintons Always Beat The GOP


The Clintons love to bait Republicans.

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

No, then President Bill Clinton did not commit perjury when he uttered those words January 26, 1998. The grand jury which questioned him specified in writing that by “sexual relations” they meant genital-to-genital penetration, not oral sex. He answered the question truthfully as they asked it. What he did sexually may have been immoral, but it was not illegal, nor grounds for impeachment.
Their definition of “sexual relations” did not include touching clothed breasts through a shirt, bra or dress. It only included “contact” meaning skin-to-skin contact. It also did not include touching genitals with a foreign object.
It doesn’t matter how google, the dictionary, the general public, Bill Clinton personally, the Republican congress who impeached him, the Republican Senate who acquitted him, you or I defines “sexual relations”. The only thing that matters is how the grand jury which originally questioned him defined “sexual relations”. When you testify before a grand jury you must answer their questions according to their definitions. Who agrees with the grand jury’s definition does not matter at all.

The Clintons Want This

In my opinion, the way the Lewinsky affair was carried out was done deliberately by The Clintons. They love these scandals because they make their opponents look petty, vindictive, and out of touch with the country’s real problems.
Remember, the only politician who lost his job in the whole affair was Newt Gingrich. Hillary’s using the same strategy with these emails and Benghazi. What Obama realized when he stated that Republicans will reflexively oppose whatever he is for, the Clintons realized 30 years ago and have employed to their advantage ever since.
It’s the rope-a-dope strategy similar to what Muhammad Ali did to George Foreman in the “Thrilla in Manila”. Republicans chase them around seemingly having them cornered, but wonder why their landed punches have diminishing effectiveness. The Clintons seemingly dance just out of reach, baiting and taunting them with phantom scandals. I’m not sure why Republicans think it’s a good idea to indict Hillary for Bill’s infidelity but I’m sure the Clinton camp welcomes it.



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