Third Party Opportunities Exist If People Are Willing To Work

Third party

The two party system is killing us! What we need is a third party.

These are popular refrains every election cycle but is the two party system killing us and do we need a third party? The answer to both questions is no and no. Big political parties are a necessity in a system like ours, but today it’s our lack of a need for a third party that can’t be overlooked. We have more than three parties in the United States. In fact, we have a multitude of parties on the state, local and national level.

Third Party Representation

There are only two parties with federal representation in the United States, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. There are two politicians in Congress who are independents.
However, parties with state representation include the: Republican Party, Democratic Party, Vermont Progressive Party, Libertarian Party, Working Families Party, Conservative Party of New York State, Independence Party of New York, and Independent Party. All of these parties have seats in the upper and lower chambers of state government, and there is 1 independent governor.
A major political party can be defined having an independent state organization in a majority of the states. Those parties would be the: Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green and Constitution. The first three are recognized in all 50 states while the Green party is in 44 states and the constitution party is in 23 states.
There are over 32 minor political parties in the United States and 37 regional parties. Regional parties are based only in states or certain regions and rarely, if ever, offer candidates for national offices. These are all parties that are unaffiliated with national parties. Each state has official state chapters of the major parties as well as some of the minor parties.
Historically, starting with the Federalists and ending with the Connecticut for Lieberman party, there have been over 90 political parties in existence in our country.
Unfortunately, when people say we need a third party, what they actually mean is that they want a party big enough to challenge Democrats and Republicans but they have neither the know how nor the desire to want to really want to do so.



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