The Influence Of Teachers Can Last A Lifetime


The student-teacher relationship is priceless.

Teachers matter. They are some of the world’s most important people — teachers instill principles in children who barely know how to tie their shoes and set the tone for their future successes and accomplishments. One year out of college, and I still remember my teachers, all of them, the ‘bad’ and the ‘good.’ From rudimentary ABC, 123 lessons all the way up to analyzing public opinion and the Iraq War, dear to my heart will forever be the teachers who taught, critiqued, challenged, encouraged, and perhaps fundamentally, cared. Good teachers are treasures — they have the ability to shape a young student’s entire perspective — principles like treating each other with respect and being a good and decent citizen are often first learned in the classroom.  

The Influence of Teachers

Adolescents spend more time at school with their teachers than with the very people who raised them; whether or not it’s acknowledged from a young age, teachers are often a young person’s greatest confidantes and supporters, second only to their parents, whose love and nurture is, of course, unrivaled. But it’s critical to recognize the student-teacher relationship, so that we can continue to produce talented, hard-working, and committed teachers — teachers who are unafraid to go the extra mile to ensure every student in their classroom receives the same opportunity and benefits from his/her curriculum. Confidence in academics, workplace setting, social environment, and throughout life is rooted in the classroom early on, by an encouraging teacher who believed in his student’s potential and by a teacher who believed her student’s success was her own success.  

Let’s give teachers the credit they deserve and provide open doors leading to the right opportunities/appropriate training. Teaching is not a job for the weak or impatient, uninspired or fearful. Strong human beings — with the smarts to prep children for the future and an innate sense of acceptance for a diverse demographic — become strong, apt teachers, and help create strong, apt students.



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