What Happens When Cam, Kelce and Rodgers Dance?


How come Kelce and Rodgers can dance, but Cam can’t?


ESPN Host Keeps It Real On The Racial Double Standard For Danc…

So Cam Newton dancing after a touchdown causes a national outcry, but when Travis Kelce dances after a touchdown it's considered a normal celebration. So glad this ESPN host said what we all were thinking.

Posted by The Peak on Monday, November 30, 2015

My guy Robert Flores is at it again. He pointed out how bad Iggy Azalea was for hip-hop to the dismay of Nick Young, and now he’s pointing at all of you who thought Cam Newton’s dancing was the end of the world. He specifically calls out First Take, boldly going after ESPN’s cash cow.


Why Only Cam?

Kelce’s dance was tight. Cam’s dance was tight as well. I think you know KTB wants as many people dancing as possible as long and as often as possible. How come one guy’s dancing is problematic, and the other guy’s dancing is greeted with silence. Stature? Perhaps, but either we are for dancing or against dancing whether it’s tight end or quarterback. No, Robert is right once again.
I have heard no one call Travis Kelce arrogant for his dance. If Flores doesn’t make the distinction, it would probably have gone unnoticed. In fact we decided to take a look at an end zone celebration that received no criticism.

Aaron Rodgers received praise and adulation for his dance. In fact, he has a State Farm ad campaign crafted around it.

It’s not like people are asking for Cam to be celebrated in commercials. I think people are puzzled as to why Cam would have an end zone celebration tied to his upbringing and the type of person he is when Aaron Rodgers and Travis Kelce are either ignored or celebrated for doing the exact same thing. People notice these things you know.



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