The Culturebroker Radio Musicast #6: Austin, LA, Miami

Mike straight beastin' on a duck face
Benny Versus The Beast from Austin, TX complete my very masculine with duckface
The Digital Wild from Austin, TX

The Digital Wild from Austin, TX

Austin musicians Andrew Molever and Michael Bridgett choose choose recent songs from artists from three different locations in an attempt to showcase the sounds the world is making. Your town. Your scene. Your music. The Culturebroker Radio Musicast sonic guidebook can help get more artists heard and enjoyed. You’re busy. Let us help track the tracks.

The awesome thing big cities have a ridiculous amount of history they accumulate. This was especially true before the internet made the world so much smaller. Back in the bad old days, a musician really had to really solidify themselves in a region before getting a to tour and rock stages anywhere else. Often times, making a career in music meant relocating to the biggest, bestest city you could and grinding it out until you “made it.”

Could you really imagine Los Angeles bands like Guns N Roses, NWA, Fishbone, Van Halen, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers unconnected from the mystique of LA? What about Miami with acts like Gloria Estefan, Miami Sound Machine, Sam & Dave, KC and the Sunshine Band, and of course 2 Live Crew (a west coast act until Liberty City’s own Uncle Luke Campbell took the group in a more expressly Miami direction). In some ways, those acts sound like where they’re from.

Despite the ability for one to become an internet sensation with the right hook or video, many would say things have changed all that much. Competition remains fierce among musicians in the big city as most everyone would rather be playing music full time than doing anything else. Musicians have to drum up support, make amazing art, and build relationships not matter what era they play in.

This week, Andrew and I dive into the extensive talent catalogue of Austin, Los Angeles and Miami, looking for something fresh and new to sink teeth into. Is the big city soundscape different from smaller cities like Austin? Is Mike way too into digital music? Will Andrew ever learn how to rap? As always, dive into the bands we showcase and show support your local music. If you’d like us to feature your city or have a band we should check out, let us know in the comments or on social media. Feel free to stop us at our shows. We love meeting new people.

Austin, Texas

The Digital WildRiskin’

Magna CardaRyan


Miami, Florida

AfrobetaClones (Live)

Ketchy ShubyThe Watermelon


Los Angeles, California

The Chew Toys Leather Sweater

VexareVanishing Point



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