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flat design

Microsoft Leads on Flat Design

  Design and Microsoft are far from synonymous, making the latter’s early arrival to the flat design party all the more surprising. Questions remain as to whether flat design is the long-term future of user interface design. As more and more services and companies are embracing this trend, flat design...

Healthy Munching

How Rachel Makes Healthy Munching Work

  Far too often, especially in the college scene, people fall off track of a reasonably healthy diet. Whether it be convenience, timing, or money, there is always a reason to explain why someone is sitting down with a McDonalds cheeseburger in front of them. What is more unfortunate is...


The Money Changed How We Think

  Which One? Quarterback A: Made every start in his five year career with an overall 54-26 record. He’s completed 60.5% of his passes throwing 102 touchdowns (TDs) and 56 interceptions. He has a QB rating of 86.5. He has thrown for 17,633 yards. He has ten 4th quarter comebacks...