The Bachelor Is A Colossal Job Fair

the bachelor

ABC’s brings back The Bachelor for more.

In case you weren’t aware, The Bachelor premiered on ABC about three weeks ago to start it’s 19th season of sending a single dude into a house full of 25+ single ladies pining for his heart. I’ll admit that I’ve been watching the ridiculous show for a while now (for giggles, not seriously), and I must say that this season has made me realize how completely insane this show is. I never took it seriously, but it always seemed like there was some legitimate dedication to finding “the one.” Definitely not in this season. I’m sure Chris Harrison was trying to find a new spin on the Bachelor roster, but I’ve developed a firm belief that none of these girls on this season actually came on the show for love, and let me tell you why:

The Bachelor

First, let me introduce you to Chris, aka “prince farming.” This guy came all the way from Iowa on his little farm that is located in a town populated with less people than my high school class. He was on the previous season of The Bachelorette, and Andee had a hard time imagining her city-mouse-self settling down amidst a field of corn. And I’ll be honest, he’s a pretty attractive guy, and seems relatively nice. But, he’s so boring. He carries himself around like “well, here I am, not in my tractor,” and stays pretty quiet, especially when compared to past Bachelors. They even had to bring Jimmy Kimmel onto the show to follow him around and bring some humor to the ever-so-dull episode.

The Ladies

So, we have the very eligible Bachelor in front of us, and then come the women. A bunch of women, none of whom live in farm country, who seem okay with uprooting their lives and settling down on a farm. Maybe some of them are but some of them seem confused about why they are on the show at all. Their jobs range from ballet teachers, to nurses, to school counselors. We have one babe, Jillian, who is a bad-ass news reporter/gym rat/model look-a-like. It’s really hard for me to believe that she has a hard time scoring guys in the real world, and it’s even harder for me to think that her type of guy is one that doesn’t have any neighbors. I mean, she’s from DC. Is her dream life really one that resides in the Midwest? I don’t think so.

Beyond The Show

This show has been on long enough for viewers and contestants to notice that the fame of being on the show doesn’t go away after the season is over, or even after you’re eliminated. Spin offs are constantly created like “Bachelor In Paradise,” and former contestants are brought back to give their “helpful advice” to the Bachelors/Bachelorettes. It’s interesting to see that former lawyer and Bachelorette, Andi, is now seemingly pursuing a career in fashion. Ali, another former Bachelorette, is now a correspondent on E! News. Even Juan Pablo was described by his now ex, Nikki, to love being in the limelight of Miami like a celebrity. Alhow for love, and let me tell you why:

My assumption is that a good chunk of these ladies follow the past contestant’s post-show achievements, and went onto this season with two possible scenarios in mind: fall in love with this guy and be the infamous couple or hope that someone out there will admire her quirkiness and offer her some sponsorship or job. Maybe I’m completely wrong, and perhaps the girls really do envision the rest of their lives on a farm, harvesting crops, and driving an hour to civilization.

But, in my opinion, the phoniness of the show just got amplified this season. I don’t even think Chris is in it solely for the love. If he’s paid attention at all, he’d notice that NONE of the past Bachelors return to their normal lives 100%. I doubt that he’ll be back to farm life, and I think that the girls know that too. Maybe Chris is just another boring single guy that actually got lucky enough to be chosen to date 25+ beautiful women.



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