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What Not To Do When Preparing To Write A Research Paper

  Many students struggle immensely coping with the pressure of writing a research paper. The two aspects of it that students find the most challenging are, without a doubt, the proposal and choosing adequate topics for their paper. However, these aspects of writing a research paper are not as hard...

sacrifice, art

How Art and Sacrifice Can Make You Immortal

We are compelled by our convictions, defined by the images that we manifest in our souls. And we breathe life into the singular moment that becomes a permanent fixture, as Matisse and Degas have embedded their paintings as eternally extraordinary. They, too, were compelled by the necessity to create, to...

the times

The Times They Are A-Changin’ In The World

  GEORGE ORWELL ON LANGUAGE Language provides us the rewarding ability to communicate. We form words and sentences to convey our ideas and emotions emphatically and simply, yet proper language has now become nearly archaic. Words are abbreviated for lack of patience, grammar is sheer nuisance, and emojis replace our true emotional...