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The Most Common Problems Teens Are Facing Around the World

  The adolescent years in a person’s life are always challenging in some way. Although teens these days still experience many difficulties that previous generations encountered, they are now growing up in a vastly diverse world and face problems that are unique to each individual. Not only do these problems...

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Group Projects Will Make You The Best Optimist

  So you’re sitting in class, dazing off as your professor lectures on and on about that thing in that chapter you were supposed to read last night. Everything is moving slowly, surely, and calmly as you daydream about that nap you’ll take after school. But suddenly, you hear your...


Stress: Can’t Live With or Without It

  Have you ever sat on your bed and actually had nothing to do or nothing to think about? Most people would answer no. But, as I remove myself from sitting on my bed and staring into space, I can’t actually believe that I’m the only one who feels as...