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The Great Society Has Been A Great Success

  In July 2013, roughly 8.9 million disabled workers received an average of $1,130 each month from the Social Security Trust Fund. That is up from roughly 455,000 in 1960 and 4.4 million in 1996. As Joe Califano points out, yet another long lasting benefit Great Society programs.   The...


The Best Hollywood Attempts to Tackle Poverty

  Poverty. It plagues our world, and can be found in both urban environments, and the most rural of landscapes. No country escapes poverty, though some do a better job of addressing it. The need for choosing organic options over pesticide-ridden and toxin-laden supermarket staples in my past two articles....

food stamps

Who Cares About Food Stamp Recipients?

  New Yorkers know the faces of poverty. During a single morning’s commute, we encounter all too many familiar faces of hunger lining the concrete streets. The winter months, snow and sleet hindering our timely arrival to work and school, underscore the stark reality for the 60,000 homeless in New...