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The Republican frontrunner needed a political party that matched his platform.

Big Political Parties Are A Strong American Necessity

A political party is a group of voters organized to support certain public policies. The aim of political parties is to elect officials who will try to carry out the party’s policies. Political parties offer candidates for public office. In the United States, we have two parties with federal representation...


Arizona Poll Issue Is About More Than Big Banks

The Arizona Democratic Party is investigating after voters say they were incorrectly registered. An official denied that Democratic voters had been misregistered as Independent after at least 20 primary voters were told they were Independents. Those registered as Independent were ineligible. Maricopa County (which contains Phoenix) had 200 voting stations...

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This Is The Racism Behind Our Current Political Parties

  While Democratic President LBJ shepherded the 1964 Civil Rights Act to passage, 80 percent of Republicans in the House voted aye against 61 percent of Democrats. In the Senate, 82 percent of Republicans favored the law, but only 69 percent of Democrats. What the hell happened?   Barry Goldwater...