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week 1

If I Were A Betting Man: NFL Week 1 2016

  The NFL is here and with that comes spreads, over/unders and totals. Indeed it is a billion dollar industry for Las Vegas. While I’d recommend sitting out Week 1, this is what I’d do if I were a betting man this Week 1 2016.   Tampa Bay at Atlanta...


Monroe Makes A Strong Case For Weed In The NFL

If I was standing next to Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Eugene Monroe, you would be hard pressed to point out what, if anything, we share in common besides an affinity for the Ravens. However, Monroe has published an article, “Getting Off The T Train,” through the Players’ Tribune, the online...

Georgia house Bill 757

Can Georgia Bill 757 Beat Out The Super Bowl ?

The NFL has said Atlanta’s religious exemptions bill puts the city at risk of losing the Super Bowl Bid. Georgia House Bill 757 allows faith-based groups to deny service to people. The NFL said it will see which states have policies of tolerance and inclusiveness consistent with NFL policies when...