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AFC Championship 2017: Jacksonville at New England

  New England to win has a money line of -350. 56% of the public likes Jacksonville against the spread of +7.5. The Jacksonville money line is +305. The total for the game is 46. Jacksonville is 1-5 ATS in the last 6 games in New England. The Patriots are...


Unfortunately Because I Have To: Part 2 – Deflategate

  While I am glad we are staining the Patriots image yet again with talk of scandal, the Deflategate reaction has been absurd in a similar vein to Ebola. Much like Ebola, we will look back and wonder what everyone was talking about for so long. I talked with a...


What This Expert Says About Pete’s Call

Here it is, another article on the game everyone’s talking about, but even more specifically the play call everyone’s talking about. You have the game in your hands, the clock is on your side (and for whatever reason coach Belichick isn’t calling a timeout), and you have a human specimen...