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Don’t Forget, Healthcare Pre-ACA Was Absolutely Atrocious.

  In his 2008 campaign, Barack Obama ran on changing healthcare. Why would the public have been receptive to that? Because healthcare sucked before 2010. Prateek Agarwal documents healthcare before ACA.   Pre-ACA Pre-ACA, there were three types of private health insurance markets, all regulated by the state: large groups,...


Medicaid Is Better Than Nothing In The World We Live In

  A study has found that expanding government run health care reduces the uninsured rate. The study, published in Health Affairs, found the rate among low-income people in Kentucky and Arkansas dropped 14 percentage points more than in Texas, which did not expand Medicaid.   Medicaid According to MedicalXpress: Two...

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The Great Society Has Been A Great Success

  In July 2013, roughly 8.9 million disabled workers received an average of $1,130 each month from the Social Security Trust Fund. That is up from roughly 455,000 in 1960 and 4.4 million in 1996. As Joe Califano points out, yet another long lasting benefit Great Society programs.   The...