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When To Play It Safe Or Take A Risk

  It’s a roller coaster of a world we live in, and the lines are blurred everywhere. There’s an argument and an answer for every side of every question. When it comes to something new, how can you be sure whether to play it safe or take a risk? We...

Democratic Presidents

Democratic Presidents Are Better For The Economy

  Ronald Reagan created 14 million jobs in a record 70 month stretch of uninterrupted job growth, reduced the annual deficit he inherited by a trillion dollars in six years and nearly tripled the stock market. Believable? Sure, but it’s not true. That was actually Barack Obama. Like most Democratic...

text structure

Five Top Tips On A Best Text Structure

There are many times when clients simply scan through fliers. This usually happens after substantial effort has been put forth to make them look perfect. Unfortunately, customers don’t have the time and patience to read everything thoroughly and carefully. Most people give it a glance and decide whether the information...