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Big Banks Can’t Be Broken Up The Way Bernie Says

  Within the first 100 days of my administration, I will require the secretary of the Treasury Department to establish a ‘too big to fail’ list of commercial banks, shadow banks and insurance companies whose failure would pose a catastrophic risk to the United States economy without a taxpayer bailout,”...


Paper Chase: Powerful Women In The Boardroom

As predicted, Janet Yellen stayed on the course Ben Bernanke charted last year. After gaining approval from regulators, Comcast bought Time Warner for $45 billion in an all stock deal. This joins the two largest cable providers in the country serving thirty million customers. The retail sales number for the...


Paper Chase: Fed Decides Against Tapering

  What is The Fed? The Fed is the central bank of the U.S. whose objectives are to maximize employment, stabilize prices, and moderate long term interest rates. They have expanded to overseeing the nation’s monetary policy (raising or lowering interest rates), supervising and regulating banking institutions, maintaining the stability...