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Orange Barry Goldwater 2016 Is A Huge Gift For Hillary

The presidential election of 1964 was the sixth-most-lopsided presidential election in the history of the United States behind the elections of 1936, 1984, 1972, 1864 and 1980 (in terms of electoral votes; in terms of popular vote, it was the fifth-most). President Lyndon B. Johnson had come to office less...

two rights

In The West, We Get One Wrong From Two Rights

  There is a chasm within conservatism that has resulted in two rights in America. The people currently enthralled by labeling and outright banning Muslims is one of them. The other, in this liberal progressive’s eyes, preaches a combination of infallible free markets, vague notions of “individual responsibility“, and selectively...

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The Not So Limited Government

  I think we are having a nationwide awakening. There is so much we agree on. The left and the right both want to curb police powers, protect privacy, ween Wall Street off of corporate welfare, and halt trade agreements. I’d be willing to bet that if asked, we’d find...